Package Deals

  • Mother-to-Be:
    • 3 massage sessions and Infant Massage course - $230
    • 6 massage sessions and Infant Massage course- $412
    • 9 massage sessions and Infant Massage course - $748
      Our Infant Massage course is broken into 3-sessions. In each session you will learn special techniques for massaging your newborn.
  • Father-to-Be: $230
    This package includes three 60-minute massage sessions. The first two sessions can be scheduled anytime before the expected delivery date and the third session one week after the birth of your child. Just like Mom, you’ll be enrolled in our Massage Your Infant Course.
  • Bride-to-Be: $90
    This package includes an Aromatherapy Foot Spa, Paraffin Hand Treatment and a relaxing and rejuvenating Swedish Massage incorporating Reflexology. This is a MUST HAVE for Bride-to-Be!
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